IT Infrasturucture

Sara Textiles Limited is prides of its strong IT set up. The IT department is manned by trained engineers in all offices who ensure that the latest patches and virus definitions are uploaded. Some of the hi-lites of the IT infrastructure are mentioned below.

Head Office (Delhi)

  • Connected Via Internal LAN/ Dedicated DSL Line (Primary & Backup)
  • Centralized Accounting System/ Documentation S/W
  • Centralized Email Server with Daily Backup
  • VOIP Enabled Phones
  • IT Management Outsourced to Specialized Vendor
  • Design Team Enabled With CAD Systems

Manufacturing Unit

  • Connected Via VSAT Link (Satellite Communication)
  • Dedicated File/ Print/ Email Server
  • Centralized Backup For All Nodes
  • AS/400 Server Hosting Specialized Textile Production ERP ( DataTex )
    • Encompassing All Aspects Of Production, Marketing & Dispatch
    • Enables Real Time Information Of Production Status
    • Remote Access Via Internet
  • Design Team Enabled With CAD Systems