Corporate Social Responsibility

Sara Group believes in uplifting the lives of its employees, creating healthy environment, creating facilities and serving the people who are directly or indirectly involved with it. Its manufacturing operations are in economically backward areas from where creates employment opportunities for hundreds of people. It also serves the need of underprivileged by directly helping them in improving sanitation, food and education.

Sara Group understands its social responsibility and works through various Trusts and Foundations to improve the lives of the people.

  • Mohinder Kaur Charitable Memorial Trust, Chandigarh: Through this trust the group has extensively worked on creating world-class medical facilities at various Gurudwaras in Punjab. The trust has been instrumental in running a free of charge dispensary for the past fifteen years at the Sector 8 Gurudwara in Chandigarh. In addition, it has installed X-ray machines, elevators for the elderly and other health care facilities and all services have been rendered gratis.

  • Thakur Dwara Trust, New Delhi: The SARA Foundation works on the private equity model towards corporate social responsibility. As a member of Dasra, the foundation supports causes such as adolescent women empowerment by funding NGO’s working to tackle this social ill. All NGOs are identified by Dasra basis extensive research and analytics, ensuring that the funding creates long-term solutions to these issues rather than stopgap cures.

  • Sara Foundation, New Delhi: Through this trust, SARA contributes actively to rehabilitation work post a natural calamity. The trust is known to have contributed extensively during the Orissa Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Train accidents and Bihar Flood Relief as well as the recent Uttrakhand floods.

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